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Many of the design decisions are already built into it for you which is a problem with many code free easy website builder is that they're easy to use but if you don't have any designed since the very difficult to make the finished product with quite as polished as is what the company's main. But that's not the case here you can see I haven't done anything amazing or coding or anything else. It's just adding blogs deciding you know what kind of content to I have blogs, adding photos and then you just link it all up with the with each of the buttons or the links is just a matter of clicking on link and then deciding you know which pages to go to and then if you want to go to particular part of the page then you can add that as well or if you would open in new window.

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So this is a really great text editor, something can take on online maker said live and then point your URL to people will be weird I think by what you can do and probably very impressed by what you can do with Mobirise easy website builder. I'm going to be doing another video talking about an easy thing to use for WordPress. So if your organizations is a little bigger, you want to produce more content and you don't have to come back and keep doing page after page after page like this and maybe your website content gonna change or you want a blog it's going to be more difficult to do with Mobirise landing page builder.

people will be weird I think by what you can do and probably very impressed by what you can do with Mobirise easy website builder

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You can add different blocks or sections to the website not sure what those are here. We have a menu block this just go out and start building the page. All I did was click on it and it added it. So every time you click on an element get to the bottom. If you want to put it in a specific place then you can drag it over into the campus area which is here and then you'll see as we add elements you can drag things in between elements. So it's going to put a header. So right now you have a nice full screen header the say we want to make the hitter transparent go all the way fully modern. You can see there's a little bit of styling already for the different elements.

But I will show you with WordPress bootstrap carousel there's a beautiful thing called 'make' and they have a premium version called 'make plus' which is well worth it and I will show you how I uptight other people how to use very easy thing is very powerful and built a very beautiful and modern web site and all this is leading up to a course which is gonna take you all the way through the full web design process. So beginning with an idea, ending with the finish website and learning how to maintain the website. I'll teach you all about hosting and domain names and it'll all be in one package. But this is the beginning if you want to go out and begin to look at Mobirise html website builder and you think it might be a product that looks like something that's good for you.

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